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Luke Willett Golf

“One lesson for life is possible by finding your inner game with a bespoke approach, making clear the relationship between the clubface, ball, and target. You will learn and enjoy building many skills through well thought out tasks shaping your practice sessions of the future that will bring out your true capabilities and more”
I am Luke Willett, Head Teaching Professional at Hampstead Golf Club and Head of Golf at the American School London. I am a motivated golf professional, with an extensive experience (that is still growing), who loves the game of golf and wants others to enjoy it as much as I do.


Golf is a passion for me and I like to help anyone who wants to improve. From more mature players with many habits of an interesting nature to young impressionable minds, I’m confident I will improve your game and help you exceed your expectations.


I choose to coach the game of golf in a unique way rarely telling you what to do, instead I will often ask thought provoking questions or set you interesting tasks that stimulate skill development. I am lucky enough to have taught with and own many sought after teaching aids such as a launch monitor, which simulates the balls flight, balance plate, and V1 video software. These teaching aids are incredible devises but it is my belief that we need to be careful of just how much information we use from these sources simply because they can only provide you with part of the picture, the most important part of the picture is what you were thinking to hit the shot you hit! If you’re not carful you will quickly skip this crucial part in the learning cycle allowing the mind to add more thoughts on top of the thoughts you already somewhat unconsciously had.


Whether you are looking to start the game with good habits or you are more advanced an old hand at this great game and would like to experience what it is like to really learn how to get better and have an incredible time in the process, please give me a call and we can talk through the options.