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Luke Willett Golf

“I focus on improving my student’s technique with a bespoke approach, making clear the relationship between the club and ball. I will then set you tasks that will help improve your game and learn new shots through a form of self discovery where I will use where possible instinctive instruction proving results through ball data and biomechanic readings.”


I am Luke Willett, Head Teaching Professional at Hampstead Golf Club. I am a motivated golf professional, with extensive experience, who loves the game of golf and wants others to enjoy it as much as I do.


Golf is a passion for me and as such, I like to help anyone who wants to improve. From more mature players with many habits of an interesting nature to young impressionable minds, I’m confident I will improve your game and help you exceed your expectations.


I teach with many wonderful teaching aids and use digital help such as a launch monitor, which simulates the balls flight, and V1 video software to capture, compare and improve the performance of you and your swing.


So if you are looking to start the game with good habits or you are more advanced and would like to work on some more technical details, please give me a call and we can talk through the options.